Dear Directors,

The SCSBOA, along with every other professional music association in the state and country, has been forced to pivot our work to accommodate student learning and engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic. To that end, it has become clear that for most of our groups, it is not realistic to attend in-person Festival events in the Spring of 2021. We believe that engaging our students with relevant feedback is an important piece of their development, and understand that the nature of that feedback must change and adapt as kids are spending more time on individual and small ensemble efforts, and less to no time in traditional concert ensembles other than the types of virtual ensembles coordinated by some programs.

To help continue the work, the SCSBOA board of directors is announcing our 2021 Distance Learning friendly Festival plans. Students will be working through their directors to submit performances for evaluation (rating or comments only) with the following windows: March 1, April 1 and May 1. The fee for submission is $20 for a solo, with an additional $5 per member of any possible small ensembles. Students will receive feedback, a medal, and the opportunity to be featured as a “command performance” on various social media platforms. Should directors wish to submit a virtual performance of their traditional concert ensemble, that would also be an option for a $100 entry fee. Directors and students will receive feedback within a week of their submission.

We realize that this is a time where teachers are working tirelessly to maintain their programs by hook or by crook. The intention with this project is to give Directors and students a goal to work towards during the second half of the year. We hope that you’ll consider participating in these events as we stick together as a music community to celebrate students and their accomplishments in the unique environment this year has brought to us.

Please see the below form for application to our 2021 Festivals.

Scott Domingues
VP Festivals, SCSBOA

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